Tape Measure 25 ft

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Tougher Case. Tougher Blade Coating. Tougher Hook Connection. The DEWALT® Extended Performance (XP™) Tape Measure is our toughest.

  • The XP™ Tape Measure features an impact-resistant PC/ABS case and survives a 60’ drop1.
  • Integrated lock protection guards the lock button when dropped.
  • The built-in lanyard slot offers an additional security option.
  • Guaranteed tough, the DEWALT® XP™ Tape Measure features 9″ of heavy-duty thermoplastic coating at the end of the blade to reduce blade breakage near the hook.
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Tougher Case. Tougher Blade Coating. Tougher Hook Connection. The DEWALT® Extended Performance (XP™) Tape Measure is our toughest ever. The XP™ Tape Measure is built around our Dual-Core™ Technology – a patented spring system that utilizes two retracting springs in a impact-resistant, heavy-duty case. This premium tape is ideal for heavy-duty framing and other construction measuring tasks. This tape features a reinforced housing and cast metal impact plate to absorb shock when dropped to protect internal components and the end hook. A rubber over-molding covers all contact points of the tape for improved grip. This tape also features a five screw design for improved drop resistance.

1 review for Tape Measure 25 ft

  1. MAgnus Gau

    Better than the competition, tougher than the rest

    The DeWALT 25ft XP Tape Measure is the latest in my collection of tape measuring tools. I decided to put the XP Tape Measure to the test – wanting to see if this could hold up to other DeWALT tape measures and their competitors. The first thing I noticed was the tough casing. It\’s been advertised to withstand 60\’ drops! So I dropped it from the roof of my workshop and the tape recovered without a scratch!

    I also noticed the first 9 inches of the tape were stronger than the rest. This was intentional and I appreciate this additional feature.

    Next, I decided to see how it held up in its standout feature. It\’s advertised at a 13\’ standout, and though I wasn\’t able to achieve that length, I WAS able to notice a remarkable difference between this tape and the others in my collection. My other DeWALT (non XP) measure reached 11\’, 6\” before snapping, while the XP almost reached 12\’. (The other brands were less than 10\’ before snapping down.)

    Finally, I appreciated the hook which is able to grab at all four sides when grabbing objects to take measurements.

    I\’m happy to say that I will be using this tape as my primary measuring tool, with DeWALT\’s former model as my backup.

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